The Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca (La Seu)

Even if you haven't visited Mallorca you will no doubt know the magnificent Catalonian Gothic cathedral that is the landmark of the city. Overlooking the harbour, it lies in the oldest part of the city and is dedicated to San Sebastian, Palma's patron saint.

The son of Jaume I of Aragon began construction in the early 1300's in thanks for his survival during a great storm when sailing to Mallorca with his army. On New Year's Day 1230 the foundation stone was laid on the site of where the main mosque originally stood, so it faces Mecca rather than Jerusalem.

Along with the usual saintly relics (one is said to be a piece of the True Cross) it is also the home of the Royal Chapel which contains the tombs of Kings James II and James III of Mallorca.

Here are some facts and figures;
· The vast central vault is 144ft (43m) high
· Its columns tower to a height of 65ft (20m)
· It has one of the worlds largest stain glass windows containing 1,236 pieces of glass, and measuring almost 12m across.
· Gaudi added the wrought-iron canopy over the main altar in 1909.

Opening time: 10am to 6pm weekdays, 10am to 2pm Saturday, closed Sunday (summer); 10am to 3pm, closed weekends (winter)
Palma Cathedral (La Seu)
Plaça Almoïna, s/n. Palma. Tel. +34 971 723 130

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