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Made in Mallorca

Mallorca has a history of producing a wide range of products, many of which are still available for you to sample. If you're searching for the real Mallorca - you can't go far wrong in starting with these products. They all contain an essence of the island, whether it is liquer made from the local herbs or perfume made from the flowers of the almond blossom found all over the island.

Many of the products are known only across Spain, however some of the goods, such as Camper shoes, are now a well known brand all over Europe. All have an excellent quality.

Take a look below at the 'home produced' items you can buy in Mallorca.

Sobrassada and Botifarró

Pork products form a large part of the Spanish diet and these two delicacies are found across the Balearics and are known and loved across Spain. Basically Sobrassada is sausage meat made from quality minced pork meat combined with spices like paprika, salt and red pepper (which gives it that lovely red colour).

Generally the pork comes from designated areas.
Botifarró is the name given to a particular sausage, again made from meat from a protected geographic location. They are lovely large chunky sausages stuffed full of herbs and spices - great for BBQ's!


You may have noticed Spanish holiday-makers walking around with large hexagonal boxes. These are used to carry home the ensaimada which is a light, quite sweet pastry product usually eaten for breakfast. The dough is baked and formed into a spiral shape and is quite unlike anything you will have sampled in the UK. Sometimes they're filled with cream or a vanilla pudding…but normally they have a light dusting of icing sugar and are dipped in coffee for breakfast or a mid morning snack.

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is produced from the olive farms on the island. It is made from majorquine, arbequina and picual olives and has a wonderful flavour.

Wine and Liquers

Wine is produced in two areas in Mallorca: Binissalem (where a festival is held to celebrate the grape harvest) and Pla i Llevant. The wine has consistenly improved over the decades and can now quite rightfully hold its own alongside the more popular Spanish names.

Two liquers are made on the island; Palo and Hierbas. Palo has been made in Mallorca since the 19th century and is made from soaking cinchona bark (quinine) and gentian. Hierbas, an aniseed drink, is made from soaking and distilling of herbs gathered from the island.

Please remember, that liquids can’t be transported in the hand luggage – buy the bottles either behind the security check or let them be wrapped carefully in the shop and put them in your main luggage.


The island’s shoe-making industry is based in Inca, Selva and Lluchmajor. These days some of the brands such as Camper and Patricia are well known across Europe. Modern, funky and traditional designs are all produced on the island and the quality of the leather used is well known.

Also made on the island are the canvas rope shoes or Espadrilles. Worn over the years by the locals and available in wonderful bright colours, they became popular across Europe in the '60's.


The imitation pearls made in Mallorca are famous the world over for their close similarity to natural pearls which cost considerably more! The factory, established over 100 years ago and now producing over 50 million artificial pearls a year, is in the town of Manacor.

Mother of pearl and ocean substances are used to make the artificial pearl and the process is absolutely fascinating. Enjoy a visit the factory where you can watch how the pearls are developed, and also take advantage of lower prices in the factory shop.

Don't expect a bargain though; artificial pearls, such as those cultivated in Manacor, are almost indistinguishable from and last longer than the real thing so they can be quite pricey.

Pottery and Glass

Pottery and ceramics have been synonymous with Mallorca for centuries. One of the cutest examples of the tradition for pottery is the 'siurells'. These are little clay whistles produced as far back as the Arab times. Adored by children, they come painted in bright eye-catching colours and can still be bought on the island today. All over the island you will see many examples of Majorcan pottery available for you to buy.

Glassblowing, which originated in Syria and was brought to the Balearics by the Romans, is a craft that still exists on the island to this present day. In places like Lafiore in Valldemossa you can still watch master craftsmen. In Palma there are many small Art Galleries where exquisite examples of this craft can be seen and bought.


The perfume Flor d'Ametler ('almond flower') is made in Mallorca. The main ingredient is the almond flower, which gives it a distinctive scent. Make sure you look for the flower inside the bottle. Only the authentic perfume has that, copies won't!