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Personal Safety and Security

We all know how to behave in our own environment but sometimes when we go on holiday we relax, let our guard down and forget that crime happens everywhere these days.

So please take the same common sense approach as you would at home and have a read of the following.

Bags and belongings Do's & Don'ts

  • Don't EVER leave your handbag, camera or mobile phone unattended.
  • Don't place belongings on café or restaurant tables in open view.
  • Don't put handbags on the back of chairs or on the chair next to you.
  • Don't place belongings on the floor when sat at a table or if trying things on in shops.
  • Do walk with your handbag on the side of your body that is away from the road and if possible have your bag across your body rather than on your shoulder.
  • Don't put your wallet in your back pocket, unless the pocket is buttoned or zipped.
  • Don't leave things hidden under towels on the beach.
  • Do only take what you need when you are out and about. The more you take the more you can lose, so leave passports and traveller's cheques in the safety deposit box -it really is the best thing to do.
  • Don't leave your bag lying on top of your supermarket trolley.
  • Don't leave ANYTHING in the hired car.
  • And finally, don't display your wealth to the world, you could attract the wrong sort of attention!

n.b. All the pages (on the entire site) which contain information have a link to an easy-print version with plain black text on white background - saving you lots of money in printer cartridges! Look for the link at the bottom of most pages.

You and Yours

  • Ensure you know the name and address of your accommodation, then if you do get lost (and it can happen in a strange town) you can ask for directions or get a taxi.
  • Get to know your surroundings.
  • Cover holiday safety with the kids. Do they know the name of your hotel? Where to meet up if separated?


When you're in that holiday spirit it can be so easy to forget the dangers of roads, sadly, traffic accidents do occur so please...

  • Remember to look in the direction the traffic is coming, it's all too easy to forget that the Spanish drive on the RIGHT. So when you cross the road take your time and look to the right, left then right again.
  • Don't drink and drive - everyone is fully aware of the risks of this action and in Spain the penalties are quite severe. Get a taxi.
  • On Zebra crossings in Spain the traffic doesn't automatically stop for you, so please don't stroll out into the road expecting to have right of way. Stop and check for traffic - always!

Safety in the Water

  • Be aware of the swimming pool depths (usually marked on the side of the pool) and make sure everyone knows where the shallow end is. Always be careful when diving whether in a pool or off the rocks.
  • Never swim after you have had a full meal or been drinking… you might sink!
  • Never ever leave young children unattended around water, no matter how shallow.
  • Never 'drift' away from the beach; make sure you always know exactly how far away from the coast you are…there is at least one incident a year where someone on a lilo floats out to sea and needs rescuing! Don't let it be you!
  • Swim within the marked safety zones away from boating traffic.
  • Never swim alone at night or in secluded areas.

Hazardous Sports and Diving

Curb your enthusiasm for one moment and check the following points:

  • Use only professional instructors and strictly follow their advice on the use of the equipment and the safety aspects.
  • Are there adequate emergency medical facilities on hand (also makes you consider that there could be a downside to being an Indiana Jones type!)?
  • Sometimes holiday/medical insurance doesn't cover you fully in the event of any accident - so always check.
  • Divers, always check the recommended time between flights and dives.
  • Don't let alcohol increase your bravado! There's always tomorrow!

Safe Sex and Contraception

It's your well-deserved holiday... sand, sea, sex, and sangria... and holidays are for partying, letting your hair down, meeting new people and living life to the max. So get wised-up and check out www.thesite.org for no-nonsense advice.