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Mallorca News 2009%3Fpage%3D2

Published: 3rd September 2009

Legendary rockers Status Quo bring their show to Palma...Read more

Published: 3rd September 2009

The great thing about Mallorca is that not everything happens in its...Read more

Published: 2nd September 2009

Mallorca's east coast holiday resort, Cala Millor, will be paying a...Read more

Published: 1st September 2009

The Hotel Saratoga continues its Blue Jazz Club nights throughout...Read more

Published: 1st September 2009

You can catch a fantastic session of top of the pops style music...Read more

Published: 31st August 2009

If you like your Jazz then you may want to treat yourself to a long...Read more

Published: 31st August 2009

The city of Palma at the very south of Mallorca receives most of its...Read more

Published: 28th August 2009

If you'd like to see the works of one of Spain's greatest artists then...Read more

Published: 26th August 2009

Long, sophisticated, Jazzy weekends are on tap at Palma's Saratoga...Read more