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Bellver Castle Medieval Festival

The days when Bellver castle used to positively discourage guests

The days when Bellver castle in Palma used to positively discourage guests are long gone, but visitors this weekend can relive those days when a splendid
Medieval festival takes place.

It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since good King James II passed away but to  mark the 700th anniversary of his death there will be fun for young and old in a 14th century style.

Blow winds, and crack your cheeks!

Music, singing, tale telling, archery, falconry, medieval costumes and of course, a bouncy castle. You can even get a diploma in Gothic script certifying your knighthood or 'ladyhood' from the

There'll be plenty of opportunities to buy crafts from the time in the many stalls and to make life just a little bit less medieval, cars and buses will be allowed up to the castle on this special

The festival starts when the cock crows four times or 10.00, whichever comes first, on both Saturday and Sunday.