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Bicipalma Bike Scheme

The council of Palma de Mallorca will be starting a bike hire scheme

The council of Palma de Mallorca will be starting a bike hire scheme around the city on 28th March. Called Bicipalma, it will enable people, who live in Palma or in the programme participating
councils of Mallorca, to get about the city easily, quickly and cheaply.

In fact very cheaply, for the first few months of the scheme it will be entirely free! Eventually, users will have to pay a €5 fee to join Bicipalma at one of the many council offices around the
city. All that's needed is a passport or residency certificate or Spanish DNI card to get the Palma Citizens Card which is used to collect the bike.

The logistics are that 336 blue, green and white bikes are parked in 28 bike stations across the city. Users insert the citizens card in a machine to check out a bike, on its return to any other of
the bike stations the card is again inserted to record this. Our map shows where the bike stations are - but a larger scale map can be downloaded from the "_blank">Bicipalma site

Users are only allowed 30 minutes use of the bike at any one time – ample to get right across the city – and are penalised 50 cents for every half an hour above this time.

The only bugbears in the whole system appear to be that a new Citizens Card takes 72 hours to become activated for use in Bicipalma which is limited to only 5000 users.