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Stay in Style: Brondo Architect Hotel, Palma

Not only is Palma one of the top destinations in Spain based on internet searches, but it's also one of the most stylish

Not only is Palma one of the top destinations in Spain based on internet searches, but it's also one of the most stylish. City centre boutique hotels seem to be springing up everywhere and there's a wonderful choice of individually and thoughtfully designed modern accommodation in some of the city's wonderful old buildings.

As urban and urbane tourism numbers continue to grow in Palma, a new name has been added to the list of 'Uber Cool' hotels – it's the Brondo Architect Hotel, the former studio of architects  Narcís Ventura, Emma Tapia and Fernando Díez, collectively known as N6.

They've converted two very different buildings with very different architectural styles - 17th century Mallorcan and 19th century industrial loft – into a stunning 'trend' hotel which they describe as Bohemian Deluxe!

There are only nine suites decorated thematically ( for example, music, travel, time, architecture, nautical) and each named after a famous architect - Hans (Scharoun), Louis (Kahn), Alvar (Aalto), Frank (Lloyd Wright), Charles (-Edouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier), Renzo (Piano), Norman (Foster), Zaha (Hadid) and Richard (Rogers).

They describe their creation as 'surprising with a flexible, casual  touch that doesn’t comply with any protocol and domains the difficult art of mixture. It rescues furniture from the hippy movement, a bit eccentric, and combines it with other more luxurious. But it is not an ostentatious or smug luxury, but a natural, relaxing one, with a carefree composition in which colour it is always a constant. All this combination provides the hotel with a unique character where old and new co-exist harmoniously.'

If you study the photos in our slide show you'll see exactly what they mean.

Even if you're not staying in the Brondo, you can still call in for lunch – they do a three course menu at the moment for only €12.50 – in the Mediterranean restaurant with 'an exquisite cuisine, authentic, simple and without artifice, where fresh ingredients are the most important concern.' The Brondo Gourmet is a retail experience where you can sample or buy some of the Mallorcan cuisine specialities, such as flor de sal d’es Trenc, Mallorcan oil or local wines.

For more information about staying in the Brondo Architect Hotel just click.