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Free Fitness Palma Event

Palma council is promoting a big free fitness event next weekend, 14th and 15th September, in the city

Palma council is promoting a big free fitness event next weekend, 14th and 15th September, in the city. Called Fitness Palma, it's a two day jamboree in the lovely Parc de la Mar area and
artificial lake in front of the cathedral. This year will be the third annual festival of fitness and the council hopes that even more people than last year's 3000 will turn up to participate.

The whole area will be divided up into 7 distinct zones where people can exercise and do various sporting activities with the focus on getting, or keeping, fit. Helping things along will be 25
private sports centres and gyms who'll be organising and supervising the likes of zumba, pilates, energy jump,cardio box, taekwondo, soo bakh, tai chi, jujitsu, fit ball, cross fit and paddle surf
in the lake, to name just a few!

With so much going on it's no surprise to hear that everyone can find something that will suit their level of fitness, age or experience throughout the whole area. Even if don't want to
participate, there's an area with stands where fitness organisations and tour companies can display and promote their products and last year around 20,000 people came along just to have a look.

If you do fancy going, and you're as fit as me, the good news is that there's an ambulance on standby demonstrating life saving techniques if the heart and lungs pack up!

It all takes place from 10.30 – 13.30 and 16.30 – 20.30 on both days, so plenty of time for a three course lunch and a bottle of wine between sessions, but the only problem is that an isolated
electrical storm is forecast for the area – well what else can be expected with all that tight Lycra and man-made fibre rubbing together in close proximity!

For details of all the times and activities have a look at the Fitness Palma
, and please note that my invented weather forecast was only a joke!