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Mallorca High in Google Searches

It's that time of year when the media are looking back over the almost finished year

It's that time of year when the media are looking back over the almost finished year and the behemoth of search engines Google, yes Google, has published what it calls its Zeitgeist statistics.
These show who searched from where for what and make fascinating reading, particularly for us in the Internet business.

Amongst a myriad results are the searches for holiday destinations from the UK which show two destinations, albeit very different ones, in Mallorca in the top ten searches by Brits. The actual
results were; Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Palma, Magaluf, Bangkok, Sydney, Bruges, Venice and Mauritius. It's pretty easy to explain why Rome was top this year with
the election of a new Pope taking place but it's great news for Palma and Magaluf coming in 4th and 5th!

The interest in Palma has been piqued by a host of articles in the quality press – both newspapers and magazines – extolling its virtues and Magaluf is now home to the famous Mallorca Rocks brand
which excites a younger audience. As a frequent holidaymaker in Palma myself, I can't say enough about its offer – history, architecture, culture, gastronomy, nightlife, entertainment, weather,
beach and hotels – and all at prices I can afford!

Interestingly, Internauts seem also to be searching for the type of holidays that Mallorca offers throughout the year, which are more activity based than flopping out by the pool every day! In
order, they were; ski holidays, hiking holidays, countryside breaks, cycling holidays, spa breaks, honeymoons, sailing holidays, camping holidays, city breaks and beach holidays.

Maybe the authorities could build a ski slope somewhere on the island so they cover all ten of the above searches?