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Made in Mallorca: Miquel's Heritage Oil

In today's fast moving world it's nice to know that some of the finer things in life

In today's fast moving world it's nice to know that some of the finer things in life are still produced at the much slower and traditional pace of yesteryear. Here in Mallorca two of the island's
oldest artisan producers have collaborated to make the aesthetically pleasing and flavoursome Miquel's Heritage Oil – a celebration of Mallorcan

On their family estate, S’Olivar de Son Reixach near Petra, the 'Miquel's' team use 100% artisan production methods all through the process of growing, harvesting, pressing and bottling of their
fine extra virgin olive oil. Just like hundreds of years ago the trees are organically grown, the olives are hand-picked and carefully milled to produce an oil with an acidity level of 0.18 to make
it one of the highest qualities on the market. Now wonder that it has been given the prestigious  “Oli de Mallorca” Denomination of Origen (D.O.) from
the Consell of Mallorca!

Miquel's, though proud of their traditional roots, also have an eye for modern contemporary design in their packaging and this is where another of Mallorca's traditional crafts plays its part. The
famous Gordiola glass factory in Algaida has been producing charming, individual glass products using the glass blowing method for
almost 300 years and now makes the carafes for Miquel's Heritage Oil. Whilst they are all the same design, the ancient production process ensures that each carafe is a 'limited edition of one' with
its own little individualities built in!

The good news is that you can actually buy these lovely products online from Miquel's web page for €29.99 but with lower prices for 'normal' bottles and tins of oil.