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Mallorca News 2013

Published: 30th May 2013

Calvia council, which covers the area to the west of Palma and includes...Read more

Published: 29th May 2013

Here in Mallorca, Corpus Christi, commonly shortened to just Corpus, is...Read more

Published: 28th May 2013

Thanks to modern technology smart phone users can have the whole of...Read more

Published: 27th May 2013

One of Mallorca's swishest locations is hosting what promises to be one...Read more

Published: 24th May 2013

If there's one thing that can spoil a perfect day on a sunny beach it's...Read more

Published: 24th May 2013

Palma's Architectural history is rich and long with some fine examples...Read more

Published: 23rd May 2013

If you've ever spent time in the elegant surroundings of one of...Read more

Published: 22nd May 2013

The prestigious Spanish Fashion House, Loewe, which retails luxury...Read more

Published: 21st May 2013

We're all familiar with the tapas concept, small portions of fantastic...Read more