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Mallorca News 2013

Published: 3rd May 2013

It won't come as any surprise that the name of this bar has a strong...Read more

Published: 2nd May 2013

It's Fifties Friday in Palma de Mallorca this week as the Doo Wop...Read more

Published: 30th April 2013

You're strolling about in Palma, browsing the shops, making a note of...Read more

Published: 29th April 2013

Mayday, Mayday, what to do on May Day is an easily answered question...Read more

Published: 26th April 2013

The very word brunch conjures up pictures of lazy days, relaxing with...Read more

Published: 25th April 2013

If you've looked at the Google doodle today then you'll have noticed...Read more

Published: 25th April 2013

The story behind this puzzling headline is that the city of Palma is...Read more

Published: 24th April 2013

Wednesday is the new Thursday at Jazz Voyeur Club in downtown Palma...Read more

Published: 23rd April 2013

As the economic crisis continues to hit our pockets we can't all afford...Read more