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Mallorca News 2013

Published: 6th November 2013

Like all the airports serving summer holiday destinations, Mallorca's...Read more

Published: 4th November 2013

There's currently a wonderful exhibition of monochrome photography with...Read more

Published: 31st October 2013

The musical that's 'more than a musical, a legend,' visits Palma next...Read more

Published: 30th October 2013

A brilliant exhibition about the ancient Egyptians' belief in the...Read more

Published: 29th October 2013

Beneath the imposing walls of Palma's Moorish then Christian Almudaina...Read more

Published: 25th October 2013

Palma de Mallorca is a modern art lovers dream, not only for its...Read more

Published: 24th October 2013

The medicinal properties of Camomile have been known and expounded...Read more

Published: 21st October 2013

Plans are now being finalised for Palma's 7th annual 'econogastro'...Read more

Published: 18th October 2013

Think of New Year and immediately some of the world's most emblematic...Read more