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Mallorca News 2013

Published: 8th August 2013

Palma's cycle pool scheme which has been running successfully for a...Read more

Published: 7th August 2013

Right now a trip to see the Tutankhamun exhibit in Cairo's Egyptian...Read more

Published: 7th August 2013

If, wandering around Palma, you've found yourself in the small, quaint...Read more

Published: 5th August 2013

Palma's big resort, Playa de Palma, is having a major makeover....Read more

Published: 2nd August 2013

If you love the big musical spectaculars which grace the stages of the...Read more

Published: 1st August 2013

Not a romantic novel, but the story of how the finest liquid known to...Read more

Published: 31st July 2013

An unusual Epicurean treat awaits intrepid explorers of Palma's narrow...Read more

Published: 30th July 2013

One of my favourite hotels in Mallorca, the Aimia in Puerto Soller, is...Read more

Published: 29th July 2013

If a scheme proposed by Palma's waste disposal company EMAYA comes to...Read more