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New Mallorca Airport App

All Palma airport's flight and facilities information at your fingertips

AENA, the Spanish airports authority have released a new app for your smartphone (IOS and Android) which gives you everything you need to know about your flight and the airport's facilities at the
swipe of a finger. It covers all Spain's 43 airports in English and Spanish and will enable you to find flight information up to eight weeks in advance!

All you need to do is scan your boarding card's barcode into your phone and out pops all the details of your flight; number, terminal, gate, times and status. Not only that, but you also get
maps of the airport – useful in Palma's case as there are 4 'terminals' – which with your phone's GPS and Web capabilities can pinpoint your location in the airport. How easy will finding your
check in desk, boarding gate and baggage reclaim belt be now with the aid of this App?

Again, the App comes in really handy if you want to buy something special in the airport's shops as there's a complete retail (and restaurant) guide to point you in the right direction if you're
after a new mobile phone, neck rest or ensaimada for example!

And you can even arrange your car parking in advance, giving you that much more time in the VIP lounge rather than circulating the multi-storey looking for a space!

The App's called AENA Airports (AENA Aeropuertas in Spain) and is free. A great innovation, but what a shame that foreigners – and that's the VAST majority of us in Mallorca airport – wishing to
avoid high 3G or 4G roaming charges only get 15 measly minutes of free WiFi.............