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Gastro Mallorca: Andreu Genestra

Local-boy-made-good's restaurant near Capdepera

Andreu Genestra is one of the new breed of chefs here in Mallorca who are bringing a modern, sophisticated touch to traditional recipes and dishes of the island to bring them firmly into the 21st
century, delighting today's discerning tourists who demand something a little out of the ordinary.

A member of the Chefs(in) collective of masters of modern cuisine who do so much to promote the islands' (they're Balearic wide these days) cuisine, Andreu Genestra is only 31 but has a wealth of
high end experience. From Inca, he studied cookery here in Mallorca, got a job with Marc Fosh and then went on to work in some of the best restaurants in the world including Mugaritz, Bulli and

Now he's back in Mallorca with his own place 'Andreu Genestra' in the Hotel Predi Son Jaumell close to
Capdepera in the north east of the island near Arta. It's a wonderful rustic setting for wonderful rustic food with a nod to minimalist modernity in its style and presentation.

With an enormous amount of land available for producing its own organically grown fruit and vegetables – you can almost taste the tang of the sea breeze – eggs, olives, wheat and fish, fresh from
nearby Cala Ratjada, the dishes produced here will 'remind you of your childhood,' with their pure, wholesome flavours.

The menu, as befits a quality restaurant, isn't gigantic, but my God, it's good. There's a choice of 4 or 5 of everything, starters, fish, meat and desserts and I'm feeling hungry, yet undecided,
just reading it. OK, OK, I'm having; Crispy egg with peas and foie, Snapper with Mexican chilmole sauce and rice with spinach and Mallorcan cake Cremadillo; rum, chocolate, banana, caramel and
spice cake – but only because I'm dieting!

Doesn't it look fantastic? If you can't make up your mind, just go for the big tasting menu which will set you back €60, or €80 with specially selected wines. Not bad at all for great food in a
very special place.

You can book online, and I'll certainly be doing that when I treat myself here on my 'end of season' holiday near Arta. Take a look at the "_blank">website for all the info and some fabulous photos.