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Simply Fosh: Art Bar

It's a bar, a gallery and the coolest new place to sip cocktails in Palma

For me Marc Fosh can do no wrong. He's hit a winning formula with a loyal, discerning clientele who love good food, style, ambience and service in his restaurants, bars and catering business.

Both his restaurants in Palma; Simply Fosh and Misa Braseria (and formerly the sadly missed Tasca Blanquerna) are highly rated on mega-review site Tripadvisor. And with good reason, everything
about them is VIP, all wrapped up in a nice, easy, relaxed style that makes dining an absolute pleasure, but without the VIP prices!

As a Brit in Mallorca, Marc Fosh is so well regarded that he has been made the island's Oil Ambassador to the world! That's olive oil by the way, and the title was bestowed by the specialist oil
producers of the island as a way of promoting their wonderful product.

Fittingly, as he sets the bar so high for the competition, those who want to experience Fosh service and style in liquid form, his new Art Bar has just opened. It's in the "http://www.booking.com/hotel/es/conventdelamissio.es.html?aid=319293">Convent de la Missio Hotel, along with Simply Fosh, and occupies the former refectory where monks being trained as
missionaries would eat.

Open from 13.00 until 01.00, it's a bar and it's a gallery. Clients get to drink the coolest cocktails in the coolest space in Palma – both elegant AND minimalist – with the works of contemporary
artists; photography, paintings, ceramics and sculpture, adorning it.

It looks just the kind of place to dress up, relax and unwind after a day in beautiful Palma. I'll certainly be giving it a whirl, fancy joining me?