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Superb Basque food at Nimo's

Basque chef Edorta Lamo prepares a feast of tapas in Palma

Spain's cuisine is still superbly regional with such differences in style and ingredients from the north to the south with the Basque and Catalan areas known for their excellent cuisine, both
traditional and avant garde, which has garnered a host of Michelin stars for restaurants there.

In Mallorca we're lucky to have our own excellent local cuisine, as well as the opportunity to try out both Spanish regional and international cuisine in the thousands of restaurants on the island.

From today there's a treat in store for lovers of Basque cuisine served up in the small portions of tapas and pintxos as guest chef Edorta Lamo takes over the kitchen at "http://www.arrosserianimos.com/" target="_blank">Nimo's Arroceria in Palma.

He's the owner and chef at the mythical A Fuego Negro gastrobar in San Sebastian where competition is so intense that bars have to be really, really good to survive. The bar has featured in The
Guardian's list of best experimental tapas bars in the city and was described by Fiona Dunlop (the author of National Geographic's guidebooks on Spain and New Tapas) as having a cosmopolitan crowd,
attracted by the new wave tapas and dark (negro) décor.

His special tasting menu of 8 tapas and 2 desserts plus a maridaje of wine is available from today 12th November until the 27th November. A maridaje is a great concept (it
means marriage) where each little dish, even the dessert, is accompanied by its own specially chosen wine to give it the best taste impact throughout the whole meal. So at €38 per person, it really
is an excellent price!

The menu includes olives, baby octopus, crab, mussels, ham, egg, seaweed and a real quality kebab in the true middle eastern sense, as well as my favourite dessert arroz con leche – rice pudding!
Accompanied by Palomino, Verdejo, Ruedo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and the inevitable Moscatel wines, it sounds a real treat.

Nimo's can be found near the big Ocimax cinema in Palma

Carrer del Bisbe Pere de Puigdorfila 10, Tel: 971 498 774

Open every day 11:30 AM - 23:30 PM