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Big Brother v pirate taxis

Pirate taxis targeted by high tech cameras at the airport

Mallorca's taxi drivers are hopping mad because of the numbers of unlicensed 'pirate' taxis making journeys to and from the airport. They've been protesting recently about the lack of action from
the authorities against these illegal taxis which they see as unfair competition.

Unlike licensed taxis, the drivers and cars are unlicensed and uninsured to carry fare paying passengers, are not subject to the same stringent mechanical checks, they don't have meters and
passengers' holiday insurance could be invalidated if anything untoward happens on the journey.

So, the Balearic Government and AENA, the airport authority, have joined forces to combat the pirates by installing 8 high tech cameras around the perimeter which will scan and log the registration
number of every car arriving and leaving and log it into a database.

It's the same technology used on the roads of Spain by the traffic authorities to detect speeding motorists and will cost around €150,000 to install. Any suspicious activity – the same car arriving
several times a day for example – will result in an investigation and hopefully clear the roads of the pirates with fines of up to €6,000.

The only problem is that because of the vast amounts of paperwork involved in getting the relevant permissions to install the cameras, it won't be done until October, just when the pirates all go
on holiday to the Caribbean! 

In case of any confusion arriving at Mallorca airport, just follow the signs to the taxi rank where an 'organiser' will direct you to the nearest taxi in a fast moving queue for a fast moving trip
to your destination.