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Palma Airport's busy burger joint

The busiest Burger King in the world

It's August, it's busy. Last weekend Palma airport saw 800,000 people come and go, and at some stages there were 20,000 passengers in the four 'terminals' at any one time! These numbers make Palma
one of the most profitable airports in Spain for AENA, the public body which (at the moment) owns and runs them.

It's a similar story for the businesses and retailers which have units in the airport too. Let's take Burger King as a prime example. In summer this unit is the busiest of all the Burger Kings in
the whole world – nearly 12,000 of them – and has shifted €47 grand's worth of fast food in a single day.

In July its turnover was almost one million Euros and they're looking to beat the €50,000 in a day marker very soon! Incredible isn't it, and such a contrast to the winter months when part of the
airport closes down and tourist numbers are much less and quite different to summer.

When a big portion of travellers in winter are made up of cyclists, golfers and hikers (just look at their luggage) then the Burger King portion of the market decreases exponentially and they
struggle to turnover €40,000 in a month – less than a day in summer!

If you fancy a whopper whilst in the airport, Burger King is in Module D, and remember, they can make you a burger in one minute and 50 seconds, so no going hungry for long when you're on your way