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Jewellery capers in Campos

Traditional agriculture meets innovative design for unique souvenirs.

The little town of Campos in the south east of Mallorca was, for many years, one of the main centres of caper cultivation with almost all the population involved at harvest time. Capers are the
buds of the plant Capparis Spinosa which were picked by hand – hence the large numbers of people involved – and pickled in brine, vinegar or salt and used as an ingredient in cuisine from the
Mediterranean bowl.

They're used in tartar sauce, give that sour taste to pasta puttanesca and are often used to adorn Pizzas. Well now we have the chance to adorn ourselves with these little buds thanks to an innovative and talented young
jeweller from Campos, Damià Mulet Vanrell. He's designed and made a 60 piece range of beautiful and stylish silver capers for both men and women including earrings, bracelets, rings, tie pins, cuff
links and necklaces.

A feast for the eyes and a triumph of imagination, these little capers make truly unique souvenirs and gifts for yourself or your loved ones and are priced from a very reasonable €30 to €300 for
the most luxurious pieces. Damia, their designer, brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to the table – a graduate in applied arts, gemologist, jeweller, master artisan and head of
department at the Balearic Superior School of design – in his shop at Calle de Plaza in Campos.

The collection is called Capparis Spinosa and was unveiled officially last week in the Can Canals rural hotel
last week. If you can't get to Campos, then take a look at Damia Mulet's website, it's very interesting.