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What's on at the Casal Solleric

Some interesting and very different art exhibitions in Palma

The magnificent Casal Solleric, an 18th century nobleman's mansion built from the finest materials available at the time, now belongs to Palma council and houses a series of ever
changing art exhibitions. It's a marvellous venue to visit, not only for its original architecture and magnificent internal patio, one of the best examples in Palma, but also because it is totally

Amongst the exhibitions currently on display in the various levels of the building are the three I've picked out which all run until 6th January 2015 so there's plenty of time to plan a
visit to see them.

Roland Fischer's Architectures is a brilliant series of architectural photographs featuring cathedrals, palaces, pavilions, grand houses and other works by contemporary architects and, particularly
relevant for this exhibition, photos of Palma's la Seu.

A modern, colourful touch is brought by Santiago Picatoste's works; Jelly – Every Form of Colour, in which the artist uses a variety of media – aluminium, spray, oil, acrylic, photography and
glassy - to produce forms 'frozen in movement.'

The impressive patio provides and intriguing entrance to the exhibitions by housing one of the works of Knut Eckstein called 'Energy Plan Lights – Monsterdrink' which is a fusion of a well known
logo with an almost third world construction of bamboo and Christmassy looking LED lights.

You can learn more about these exhibitions on the Casal Solleric's website and can go to see them at the top of the Paseo del Borne
(near H&M) on;Tuesday to Saturday: 11 – 14 & 15.30 - 20.30

Sunday: 11 - 14.30