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Balearic Day, Balearic Cuisine.

Another great gastronomic event to celebrate the Balearic Day public holiday

Way back in 1983 the Balearic Islands became an autonomous community of Spain and we've been celebrating the occasion with a public holiday on every 1st March since 2007! In practically every small
town or village some kind of organised activity with a theme typical of the islands takes place, usually involving typical music, dancing and food.


As Palma is not only the capital of Mallorca, but the seat of the Autonomous Balearic Government, the biggest events take place there. We've already reported on the big tapas fest, "/news/2014/tapas_fest.htm">Peccata Minuta, in the Parque de la Mar, but just across town another big food bash is taking place too.

It's the “I Mostra de Cuina de les Illes Balears” or Balearic Cuisine Show and features some of Mallorca's best restaurants providing their finest offerings of typical Mallorcan/Balearic dishes.
Taking place in Sa Feixina, the city centre park between the Old Town and Santa Catalina, the event takes place over 4 days, 27th February to 2nd March.


The food will come in four different sizes; Pincho, Tapa, Racion and Plato (small to big) and the organisers – the island's small business and restaurant association – promise that they will all be
at affordable prices, so Amen to that!

The restaurants taking part are; from Arta – Sa Teulera, from Santanyi – Sa Residencia, from Inca – Ses Maduixes, and from Palma – Cala Nova, El 12, Origenes, Beewi
(photo above), Puro Chef (photo below), Moga 90, Indico, Tast, and the bar Es Born. It's a good mix of the new and the old with some different styles of cuisine but all offering typical food like
skate, octopus, tumbet, frito Mallorquin and so on.....



If you'd like to try some great food, the opening times are;

27/2, 18.30 to 24.00

28/2, 11.00 to 24.00

01/3, 11.00 to 24.00

02/3, 11.00 to 22.00

See you there?