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Mallorca slow food: Es Cruce

Celebrate St. Mark's day at a snail's pace

Well known for being the patron saint of Venice, where on 25th April everybody gets a day off work, St. Mark also fulfils that function for notaries, secretaries and snails! Unhappily, neither of
those two professions get the day off, and even more unhappily (if you're a snail) tens of thousands of the tasty little molluscs will end up in a delicious sauce in just one restaurant in

In the bar/restaurant Es Cruce in Vilafranca, around a quarter of a tonne of snails will end up in 40 gigantic pots each holding about 60 kilos and will provide around 10,000 portions to eager
customers tomorrow.

People flock to Es Cruce on St. Mark's day to buy the snails and around 60% are taken back home whilst the rest are eaten in situ at the bar. In fact demand is so high that the vast majority of the
snails are brought in from Andalucia and Morocco to satisfy the demand on this special day. Having said that, this bar is so famous for its snail dishes (and typical Mallorcan food at extremely
reasonable prices) that it shifts about 1000 kilos of them EVERY week, an amount so vast that it would use up all of Mallorca's farmed snails in a fortnight!

Not only are the tiny creatures delicious but (you've guessed it) they also have medicinal properties too. If you have a cough or a bad stomach, these little fellows will cure it for you – just
make sure you wash them down with some Buttercup Syrup and an Alka Seltzer and Bob's your uncle.

Fancy some? Then Es Cruce is on the  Carretera Palma-Manacor, km 41, at Vilafranca de Bonany.
Tel +34 971 560 073