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Drink Mallorca: fig beer

A new, limited edition beer, made in Mallorca

If you're a regular reader of Mallorca Spotlight news you'll know that there are small, independent microbreweries dotted about the island which produce some wonderful ales and lagers on sale in specialist bars and gastrofests. One of them, Salvatge Cervesa Evolutiva has just produced a fruity new brew ideal for the Christmas period which has figs from Mallorca as an ingredient.

Fruity beers have been with us for centuries and are still popular in Germany and Belgium so brewery boss Lluís Seda decided to add a fig beer to his fine existing repertoire of pale ales. His idea not only fits in well with his philosophy of bringing some variety to the beer drinking public but also has a touch of nostalgia for sunny days gone by in the September fig harvest with his grandfather.

The artisan beer, called Salvatge Edicio Boscana, is made using entirely traditional methods and the very best products; fine quality malt, water from the Sierra Tramuntana, hops, yeast ans of course figs, fresh from the fields. So, what does it taste like? Soft, rich, fruity, aromatic, sweet and refreshing are the watchwords here and an ideal beer for a cold Christmas night!

Fancy trying a couple? Me too! Boscana will be on sale in these specialist bars in Palma over the holiday season; Lórien, Atómic Garden, Guirigall, Café a tres bandas and La forja vikinga. (just click the link for more details)