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Flamenco Night in Palma

Live music and dancing from the deep south of Spain

Despite every one of Spain's many regions having its own completely different traditional music and dancing, Flamenco from Andalucia is inextricably linked to the whole country in the minds of
millions of visitors.

Here in Mallorca Flamenco couldn't be further away from local traditional dance in terms of music, dress and style, and to promote it far away from its homeland the Flamenco Cultural Association of
the Balearics organises events and concerts all over the island.

On Saturday next, they'll be bringing the tortured, anguished passion of Flamenco to the Xesc Forteza Theatre in the wonderful Calatrava area of Palma (behind the Cathedral) in a festival called
Ciutat de Palma.

The music embraces the standard Flamenco that we're all familiar with and newer 'fusion' experiments introducing a Jazzy, chilled feel whilst dancers strut and stamp their stuff. You can see the
Jose Cortes group – one of the biggest names in the genre ever to visit Mallorca - Fronteraazul and dancers Silvia Fernández ‘La Chispa’ and Juanki Montero.

I think our photo showing La Fernandez in action perfectly expresses the very essence of Flamenco in a way which I would be unable to do even if I had a thousands words available.

Fancy it? It's on Saturday 10th May at 20.00 and tickets on the door are only €12.

Footnote – You can catch the Flamenco Jazz stylings of Fronteraazul at Vamp cafe on Calle Industria in Palma of Thursday 8th May, 22.30, €5.