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Mallorca exibition: Food and Foot

Fabulous photos of Mallorca's finest food and footwear.

The best of Mallorca has been brought together in a fascinating exhibition of photographs of expertly made shoes and food opening today at the Inca Footwear Museum.

It's the idea of Nando Esteve, one of Mallorca's best photographers, whom we've met on Spotlight in the past because of his work on the "http://www.mallorca-spotlight.com/news/2013/passion_palma.htm">'Passion for' campaign. He's teamed up with Chefs(in) and eight companies from Mallorca's shoe manufacturing association to
produce the exhibition which promotes two of the island's best products.

Let's face it, the chefs and shoemakers have much in common with their respective trades; a well made product, innovation, creativity and artistry! Each company has been matched with a different
chef who was given a free brief to create a small dish to accessorise the shoes in form, colour, materials and so on to produce the perfect photo.

The 'teams' for the exhibition were

•Camper - Tomeu Caldentey

•Lottusse - Santi Taura

•Coclico - Tomeu Torrens

•Calzados Miquel - María Salinas

•Carmina Shoemaker - Andreu Genestra

•George’s - Joan Marc

•Bestard - Koldo Royo

•Mocasines Apache - Marta Rosselló

The exhibition runs until 25th May in the museum – it's Inca's old cavalry barracks and a fascinating building in itself – and for two months after the photos will be on display in the respective
restaurants of the chefs before being donated to the Consell for promotional use.

For more information on some of the well made local products from Mallorca, have a browse of our shopping section which has the
low down on some of the island's best shoes and more.


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