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Free WiFi for all Palma

A week's free WiFi for everybody in Palma

These days we seem to be more reliant on WiFi than we are on food and drink so it's with some relief that we can announce a slap-up Internet feast for all in Palma. The council have joined forces
with Spain's big cable operator ONO to provide 37 WiFi beaming stations all over Palma which should cover the entire city with Internet access and the good news is that it's all FREE.

ONO's existing customers will be able to log on to the system whenever they want and everybody else can sign up for seven days' use of the system for free. It's simple enough to do, though you'll
need enough Spanish to complete the online registration; name, address, email, phone number and so on, which will lead to you being 'texted' a password which is used just once to log on.

Here's the link to the registration page

Once you're on, ONO's €300 million Palma investment will give you 500 megas of traffic at lightning speeds of 20 Mb which is just about more than enough update your Facebook timeline on the fly.

This is great news for tourists to the city who can now stay in touch with the cyber world without incurring expensive roaming charges and even better for finding their way about as google maps is
not available off-line in Spain and needs an Internet connection to work!

Brilliant, now we'll all be able to find our way back to our hotel on our first day of holidays without carrying a great big ball of string!