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Mallorca winter fun: Palma Ice Park

Fun for all ages in Palma's skating rink

Whether you can glide gracefully across the ice like Torvill and Dean or stumble catastrophically into a crumpled heap a la Todd Carty, Palma Ice Park is great place to get your skates on. The ice
rink is once again in a marquee in the Parc de Ses Estacions (the main bus and rail station) in Palma and is open until 25th January for winter fun and frolics.

At €5 for a 25 minute session, and that includes your skates, it's good value – just remember to bring a good pair of gloves as it's obligatory to wear them. For your money you get 420 square
metres of 'ice' which provides a massive and easy target to hit when you fall over, and gives the real skaters plenty of room to avoid you floundering upturned-tortoise-like on the floor.

It's open every day from 10:00 'til 22:00 so you'll have plenty of time to perfect your routine for the next Olympic games! And here's my advice, there is absolutely no shame in falling over – it's
really, really slippery out there!