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Mallorca people

News about the seasonal population of Mallorca

With the majority of Mallorca's tourists visiting in the long hot summer and comparatively few in winter the logistical effect on the island is immense. Vast resources are needed in summer to cater
for all the visitors and then have to be mothballed throughout winter when there is no need for them. For example, the airport has just closed Module A, one of four 'terminals,' as the number of
passengers doesn't justify it remaining open all winter.

Contrast this with the situation in summer when everywhere is thronged with people. Last August the average population of the Balearic Islands was 1.8 million, with 1.93 million people squeezed in
on 7th August! With the actual registered population of the Balearics at 1.1 million it means that there were over 800,000 tourists visiting on that day.

So many people take some looking after, and inevitably things go wrong and some end up in hospital. With a European health card, visitors registered with their own country's national health service
can use the Spanish one for free treatment. The cost of this treatment is then charged to the visitor's health service and last year Mallorcan hospitals billed over €25 million to cover the cost of
treatment to foreigners.

However, the great thing about Mallorca in winter is that there is so much to do, and so much more room to move. Read more about what it's
like here