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Manacor Medieval Fair XVII

Market stalls, musicians, food, and theatre – all from hundreds of years ago!

The good old days of the middle ages return to Mallorca this weekend when the town of Manacor – gateway to the island's east coast – holds its 17th annual Medieval Fayre. Popular all over Europe,
these fairs are markedly different in Spain because not only do we have the chance to celebrate plague, pestilence, war and invasion, but we also have hundreds of years of Moorish occupation in the

There's a whole industry in the country involved around Medieval celebrations which have their own websites and many of the stall-holders, musicians and performers in Manacor this weekend will be
hopping on the ferry over to Ibiza where the San Antonio Medieval Marine/Pirate festival takes place next week!

So what's happening and when in Manacor? Well, the railway station area of the town becomes 'Middle Ages Central' which is useful for anyone training it in from Palma or other stations on the line.
It starts on Saturday, 20th September from 17.00 to 24.00 with the main entertainment – lots of dancing – starting at 20.00.

On Sunday 21st there's something happening all day from 10.00 to 23.00 with a magic show at 19.00 and the market continues all morning on Monday. There'll be loads of stall selling handicrafts and
foodstuff typical of the period, leather ware, soaps, herbs and spices, cheeses (just follow your nose to that stall,) woodwork and so on.

And to demonstrate the harmony which existed in Spain between the Moors and the Christians (when they weren't slaughtering each other in the battles of the Reconquest) you'll be able to sample some
of the finest foods on offer from the 5th to 15th centuries – donner kebabs and enormous roast hams!

If you're in Mallorca this weekend, try and get to Manacor as the Medieval fairs really are great fun.