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Masterchef in Muro

Famed celebrity chef Jordi Cruz, will be guest chef at a special dinner in Playa de Muro on Friday.

Famed celebrity chef Jordi Cruz, juror on Spain's Masterchef programme and holder of no less than
FOUR Michelin stars, will be guest chef at a special dinner in Playa de Muro on Friday.

He'll be presenting a special menu for diners at the IBEROSTAR Playa de Muro
Village Hotel
, a five star establishment by the beach, as they bring fine dining to the northern coast of Mallorca. Cruz's set menu features sea bass, pigeon, anchovies, foie gras and, all the
way from Mallorca, Arbequina olive oil!

If you didn't already know, Masterchef is a really popular programme in Spain (as it is in many other countries worldwide) and has been credited with the rise in numbers of young people enrolling
in cookery schools and wanting to become chefs.

Jordi Cruz and Dani Alves (FC Barcelona)

It propelled young Jordi Cruz to stardom and no doubt gave an extra push to his Barcelona  "http://www.booking.com/hotel/es/abac-barcelona.en-gb.html?aid=319293" style="outline: none; line-height: 20.479999542236328px;" target="_blank">restaurant 'with hotel attached,'
AbaC. A tasting meal there will set you back over €150, so be prepared with your Amex Platinum card if you fancy sampling some of his modern
Catalan cuisine in Muro on Friday.