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Bellver Castle concert: O Sister

A brilliant homage to the 'Jazz Age' of 20's and 30's America

If you like a bit of diverse musical entertainment on your holidays, then Mallorca's the place to go. With recent features in our news section on the Classics, Flamenco, Jazz, Rock, Blues West End
Productions, top musicals and even David Guetta, it's plain to see that that there's brilliant entertainment (and venues to boot) on the island.

However, as the Python boys used to say, there's something completely different on in August. O Sister a six piece band from Seville, who
live, eat breath and sing everything from the Jazz Age in 20's and 30's America are playing a concert in the magnificent setting of Palma's Bellver Castle.

Think Fred and Ginger, the Andrews Sisters, the Great Gatsby and Great Fun (yes, with a capital F) and you have, in a nutshell, O Sister. Syncopated rhythms, brilliant harmonies and clothes from
the era of gangsters and flappers transport you back to the exciting times of organised crime, the Wall Street crash and prohibition!

These young people pay homage to the music of Dixie and Swing and in particular, The Boswell Sisters, a groundbreaking female vocal trio who never quite found the fame they deserved. As our video
show, they're really talented and they too deserve a lot more fame and success!

The date for your diaries is Tuesday 12th August at 21.30 at Bellver Castle. You can pay €14 on the door to see O Sister.