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St Patrick in Santa Ponsa

Celebrate Paddy's weekend in style, and in Spain!

There's no doubt that the Spanish are world famous for having a good time and a day off work. They'll down tools and celebrate at the drop of a hat; eating, drinking, singing and dancing in the
name of an obscure local saint or a provincial or national public holiday.

Yes, they're good, very good, but when it comes to the 'craic' they're bettered by only one nationality, the Irish! They celebrate their national day – St. Patrick's – like no-one else on earth and
in pretty well every corner of the planet!

Though not (yet) officially part of the Celtic League, Mallorca's Santa Ponsa resort is the centre of all things Irish on the island and will be pulling out
all the stops for this month's Paddy's night!

Except that as the big day, March 17th is a Monday (boo) they're having their party on the Saturday AND Sunday (hurray.) So put the 15th and 16th March in your diary as the days with more fun than
you can shake a shillelagh at.

Organisers say it's a great way to get to know the tradition and culture of Ireland and so immediately appointed Guinness as the official 'collaborator' and supplier of beer, which to be sure, is
more powerful than the Blarney Stone at endowing the gift of the gab. If being Oscar Wilde isn't sufficient reason to drink lots, with every pint consumed, points are earned which can be exchanged
for an 'exclusive hat' with Guinness written on it.

So what's on? On the 16th at 16.00 there'll be a big fancy dress parade with a predominantly green theme around the streets of Santa Ponsa with entertainment, music, typically Irish floats and
throughout the day pipe bands will march skirling through the town bringing a traditional Irish touch to the proceedings.

Throughout the whole weekend bands will be jigging and reeling uninterruptedly for 18 hours a day – from 12.00 to 22.00 – on specially erected stages in the Plazas Ramon de Mocada and Costa de la
Calma. In addition, everyone the same size as a Leprechaun is catered for with a kids' fair, entertainment for the little 'uns in the streets with bouncy castles and the like and there will be an
artisans' street market on both days from 10.00 to 20.00.

So, if you're up for feeling top o'the mornin' all day, get along to Santa Ponsa for Paddy's weekend.