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Palma parking: there's an app for that.

You'll never have to fiddle for change for the meter again!

Palma's technological march to being a 'smart city' continues with the introduction of a coinless, paperless system of parking in its blue zones for up to two hour stays. A new app called Telpark
allows users to purchase time in the blue zones using only their mobile phones which, hallelujah, does away with the need for pocketfuls of spare change and provides so much more.

Telpark's app, introduced a few weeks ago, already has 1400 users in Palma and tens of thousands all over Spain where it can be used in an increasing number of cities and towns. It's a simple
system; download the app for Android, IOS and Windows phones, register your name, address, up to 3 car registrations, credit card and password on the "_blank">secure online system, and you're good to go.

Once in the parking area, log on, click the relevant details and how long you wish to stay and that's all there it to it. There's no ticket to display on your dashboard as the friendly traffic
wardens all carry devices which can check if you've paid and for how long.

Now here's the good bit, your phone will give you a warning that your time in the blue zone is about to run out and the option to buy more (if you haven't exceeded the 2 hour maximum) and even to
pay a fine for overstaying your welcome should the occasion arise.

A record of all your parking habits is available on PDF which can be used as a receipt for business expenses or merely as a record of all your wife's shopping trips into the city centre.

Also available in English and Catalan

Perfect for residents of the island who want to make a quick trip into town but also good for tourists from the mainland and those from further afield who can use the many free WiFi hotspots that
the council provide to avoid high data roaming charges.

Finally, here's my parking tip; park in the blue zone from 12.00, pay for two hours until 14.00 when parking becomes free (it's siesta time) until 17.00, so you get five hours for the price of two!
Thankfully these days everywhere tourists want to visit in the city does not close for siesta!

What a great idea, but wouldn't it be better if it could tell you where there was a parking space?