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Palma Pass makes its debut

Palma's new smart card makes life easier and cheaper for tourists

And so it came to pass that the new discount card we told you about a few weeks ago is now on sale. Released just last week the 'Palma Pass' gives tourists to the city a whole host of advantages
with its use; free public transport, free entry to tourist attractions, and discounts and free gifts in shops and restaurants.

As we said then, the 'soft' October launch provides an opportunity to hit the ground walking and gradually the cards themselves, the information provided and the services available will all be

So, at the moment, there are two passes available; 48 hours at €34 and 72 hours at €41 which come with a guide to all the products available and a map of their location in six languages. Eventually
cards with shorter durations will be available together with an App containing all the info.

Thus far the pass includes free bus travel from the airport to Palma and back plus a number of free journeys around the city with each attraction on the map clearly stating which buses pass by it!
Free entry is included to the ten big attractions in Palma like the Cathedral, Bellver Castle and the Almudaina Palace and another 20 or so attractions which are normally free are also included on
the information in the hope that visitors will perhaps stay in the city a little longer to take in all the sights.

Discounts are also available on the open topped Tourist Bus tour, the aquarium, Mallorca routes tours of the city's historical sights, and Tito's disco plus many more. You can dine in a number of
restaurants around town with the benefit of a discount, free tapas, shots of local liqueur Hierbas or glasses of Cava. A wide variety of shops are also offering discounts, many of which sell local
products including the famous Mallorcan sweet pastries, ensaimadas, plus cheeses, cured meats and oils from the island.

Everything you need to know about the Palma Pass can be found on the official website, just click the blue link.

The authorities have seen the success of other such tourist card schemes in London and New York and believe that it will be repeated in Palma and bring more visitors for longer periods with greater
financial rewards for the city. Do you agree?