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Quicker airport security in Palma

More machines, better technology and more space at the security gates.

Necessary though it is, the security checks at the world's airports are still an immense, and frustrating, pain in the neck. On any given day at any given time, every airport knows just how many
passengers are scheduled to pass through its portals and yet there's always a log jam of people waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get through security.

You'd think in these days when most of our airfare is made up of airport taxes, that the airport authorities would get their act together to avoid this source of intense hassle to its customers. We
queue for ages to hand over our boarding pass to a disinterested youth in ill fitting uniform who passes it over a scanner and waves us in the general direction of a melee of fellow travellers
struggling to relieve themselves of bags, boots, belts, watches, coins, laptops and so on in a space the size of your kitchen!

It's not on, is it? Well, hurrah for Palma airport. They've put their brains into gear and have introduced a system where passengers can scan their own boarding cards into not 4 but 16 new entry
gates, they've increased the size of the area between the gates and the machines so people can comfortably disrobe, and they've added more metal detector arches and X-ray machines so that a quicker
flow of passengers is maintained.

How good is that? Well, I'll tell you, it's 20% faster than before and probably about 50% less frustrating for us all. The only drawback to all this super duper efficiency is that we only get to
enjoy it when we're leaving Mallorca!

NB: my photo of a remarkably short security queue at the airport wasn't taken after the new equipment had been installed, it was the middle of winter when there aren't so many passengers!