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Palma fiesta: San Sebastian

Palma shows that there is life after Christmas with the biggest party of the year.

Palma de Mallorca throws its biggest party of the year throughout the month of January to celebrate the feast of San Sebastian. The big day itself is the 20th January – proclaimed
hundreds of years ago by a grateful public who attributed the presence of Sebastian's bones in Palma as the reason for the ending of a plague epidemic – but the party starts days before.

There are all sorts of events and celebrations – including quite a lot of fireworks and demons – but as the programme for the many live music concerts has just been released I'm focussing on that

The council's budget for the shows is just over €350,000 and will bring 43 groups and artists to the stages around Palma. There's a local flavour to the entertainment this year with 34 of the 43
groups being based on the island though British visitors will know Ruth Lorenzo (photo) from her 2008 X-Factor appearances.

As usual, the main concerts take place on the 19th January in the many squares and public places of Palma with each venue hosting a different type of music so that there is something for
everybody, both young and old.

So, without further ado, here's who, what, when and where;

Saturday 10 Jan - Plaza de Cort - DJ Joan Campos, Saxophobia Funk Project

Sunday 11 Jan - Plaza de Cort – Amateur bands competition, Charly Taylor, Lili's House, Payaso, Musol and Club Sibarita.

Monday 18 Jan - Plaza d´Espanya – Top 40 Concert - Dj Agus Fernández, Leggo, Lorena Ares, Edder, Ruth Lorenzo, Sa Soul, Les Castizos, D Vicio and 40 Hot Mix in Session by Edu Naranjo.

Monday 19 Jan

Plaza del Rei Joan Carles I, (Indie and Alternative Rock). Hyde XXI, Jump in the River, El Viaje de Eliot and L.A, plus the winner of the amateur competition

Plaza de la Reina, (Flamenco, rumba and sevillanas). El coro de la Casa de Andalucía de Baleares, José el Francés and David Barull.

Plaza Major, (Folk and traditional music) Arreu, los "balladors" de Lluc, Balls i Tonades de Mallorca, Blaumut and Marta Elka & el Carromato.

Plaza d´Espanya, (Top 40 pop) Project Mut, Pol 314, El Pescao and DJ´s Europa Baila Tour.

Plaza de Cort, (Blues y pop-rock) Aerosol, The Wheels, Fora des Sembrat and La Granja.

Plaza de l´Olivar, (World Music) Batucada de Mallorca, El Charro Noble (Bolivia), Tierra Caliente (Ecuador), Grupo Folklórico Ayalen (Chile), Gauchos Brasileros (Brazil), The Piarci (Spain),
El Corte Cumbeiro (Argentina-Paraguay), Carlos Snow (Dominican Republic), Pua Hera (Brazil), Danza Juventud Unida (Ecuador), Raíces de mi tierra (Chile), Che Brothers (Argentina), Lill El
Fantástico (Colombia) and Bulgaria Dance Group(Bulgaria).

Plaza de la Llotja, (Jazz and soul, swing, gospel, ska and reggae) Without String, Victor Uris Band, Javier Vargas Blues & Friends and Big Yuyu.

Plaza de Sant Domènec de la Calçada, (Pop rock) Islanders, Son and The Holy Ghosts y Ses Bubotes.

Tuesday 20 Jan - Plaza d´Espanya – COPE Concert, La Musicalité and La Unión.

I think I'll be loitering around the Lonja area as I like Javier Vargas, what about you?