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Mallorca Souvenirs Overhaul

A New Plan to Modernise Mallorca's Souvenir Shops and Industry

The retail world is changing fast, there's a recession on and shopkeepers small and large need to keep in front of the curve to relieve us of our hard earned cash. But step into an average resort
souvenir shop in Mallorca and most other parts of Spain and it's like stepping back in time in terms of layout, display, signage and goods – just who wants to buy a giant Mexican hat these days?

In the early days of foreign holidays, we all bought presents for our friends and family back home as going abroad was a big deal. Now it isn't, though we still like to buy a quality, useful and
stylish memento of our trips overseas and items like back-scratchers and baseball bats with Glasgow Rangers written on them (as seen in Playa de Palma) just don't cut it.

To try and help the shopkeepers the Economic and Competitiveness Council have organised a workshop called 'Souvenir Lab,' where ideas about the aesthetics and design of the souvenirs themselves,
merchandising, style and layout of the premises can be exchanged and assimilated.

The Council have assembled an impressive array of experts with experience in many fields of retail who come from the Institute of Business Innovation, Chambers of Commerce in Valencia and include
interior and graphic designers whose aim is to produce a concerted plan of action amongst retailers to give whole areas a new image.

In Calvia, the area which includes many traditional package tour resorts like Magalluf and Palma Nova, Souvenir Lab is part of a broader, six point plan to dynamise the whole retail sector, titled
‘Calvià is shopping!! An experience’ (it really is in English.) It includes not only improvements to the shops themselves, but the whole commercial image of the municipality by embellishing the
shopping areas, creating a commercial 'circuit' with improved signage, thus giving the area and its quality goods a 'brand.'

It's possible and achievable as the experience in the Tramuntana area and the brand 'Made in Soller' proves. With
excellent local products like olive oil, oranges for marmalade, honey etc, combined with other Mallorca products like straw baskets, espadrilles and salt from the pans at "/beaches/es_trenc.htm">Es Trenc, there's a plethora of quality souvenirs for holidaymakers in the area.

It's a great idea for improving the holiday experience for us and the economic situation for the shopkeepers – what do you think?