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The water in Mallorca

Mallorca's two big dams 100% full

There's good news this week from the water supply authorities in Mallorca as the island's two big dams are now full. The Gorg Blau and Cuber dams in the Sierra Tramuntana mountain region are now at
100% capacity of 15 million cubic litres, which means no excuses on bath night every Friday!

Rain in January and February was a little more than normal and at the end of March a blanket of snow coated the mountains in the Sierra which, when it melted, helped to top up the dams.

Interestingly, the overflow from these two reservoirs (and they don't overflow very often) finds its way into two torrents (dry 'river' beds,) first Sa Fosca and from there to the Torrent de Pareis
(photo) which meets the see at the beautiful and spectacular Sa Calobra.

Despite all this water which exclusively supplies the city of Palma, the island still relies on water from desalination plants to serve everybody, so use it sparingly and thoughtfully if you're
here on holiday.