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The Three Kings Arrive in Palma

One of the most exciting, joy filled evenings of the whole year takes place all across Spain

One of the most exciting, joy filled evenings of the whole year takes place all across Spain this Sunday, 5th January. It's a somewhat embellished action replay of the arrival of the three star
following wise men from the east to present gifts to the baby Jesus in a Bethlehem manger.

It's also the evening prior to Epiphany when children who have been good all year receive their presents from the Kings – Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar – though these days it's more likely to be a
new smart phone than gold, frankincense, or myrrh!

Here in Palma, the arrival and cavalcade through the city streets is even bigger than usual and has one or two little changes to the norm. Their Majesties, and their retinues of knaves, pages and
ushers, disembark from their royal craft at the Moll Vell where they board their regal floats to be transported on a tour of the main streets.

This year there will be no less than 27 different 'groups' taking part – 10 on foot and 17 floats – with musical bands, dancing giants (it is Mallorca) and performers in gorgeous costumes all
adding to the presence of their Majesties.

All along the way the participants throw sweets to the crowds – 6,060 kilos this year, sugar and gluten free – and hundreds of kids scramble on the floor filling their pockets with goodies.

This year's route is almost 3 kilometres and around half of that, the busiest streets, has safety barriers to prevent injuries to over zealous spectators, and there are special areas set aside for
disabled people to watch.

Costing €228,000, the cavalcade has some new high quality floats this year and is an occasion not to be missed!

The Kings arrive at Moll Vell at 17.30 and then parade through the following streets and plazas - Antoni Maura, el Borne, la Plaza del Rey Juan Carlos I, la Unión, la Rambla, Barón de Pinopar,
Avenida Portugal, el Paseo de Mallorca, Jaume III, Plaza del Rey Juan Carlos I, el Borne and finish in la Plaza de la Reina.

Have a great time if you are going!