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Soller tram 23 retires

Tram 23 will rattle no more on the route from Soller to the Port

One of the old trams which run down from Soller to the port has now been taken out of service but will be reincarnated as a new 'rickety old' tram from next May. Tram number 23 has only been
running on the Soller tramway since the 1990's but its history goes back much, much further – hence its retirement.

It was bought, together with four other identical trams (photo of tram 21) from the Lisbon transport company Carris de Lisboa when demand by passengers in Mallorca was increasing rapidly and the
Soller tramway needed a quick solution to the problem.

They were modified in Zaragoza to reduce their wheel gauge down to one yard, the British gauge (the same as the Isle of Man trams) used in Soller and then renovated to a higher standard.

Now, it's thought that the five Portuguese trams, numbered 20 to 25 should all be replaced by units more in keeping with the original Soller trams
dating back to 1913, some of which were originally pulled by mules on the Palma tramway.

So Tram 23 will be broken up in the workshops and nearly every available working part will be used on its replacement – seats, lights, motors pantograph and driving controls, to name just a few –
and within the next 4 to 5 years the process will be complete. Then every tram will be 'Mallorcan' in appearance but the spirit of the Lisbon trams will live on.