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ALDI comes to Mallorca

The giant German supermarket empire opens 6 new stores in Mallorca.

For most of Europe the ALDI name is old and familiar, as with over 9,000 stores in 18 countries they've been part of our retail lives for decades. Founded as a small operation in Germany by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946 when the took over their father's shop, the company grew and grew and by 1960 was big enough to split into two separate entities.


Aldi (ALbrecht DIskont) North and Aldi South have continued to operate under the same general branding since then and are now the darlings of the supermarket retail sector in the UK with vast advances being made in sales and profit figures.

map of aldi in mallorca

Operating in Spain since 1914 the Aldi North section is poised to open 6 new supermarkets in Mallorca on May 20th. All six are located in the MA20/MA13 main road corridor (good for ferry fresh deliveries) and can be found in; Inca, Magaluf, Marratxi, Palmanova, Palma Arago and Palma Poligono Llevant. They're all open from 9:00 until 21:30 six days a week and most for half an day on Sunday.


For holidaymakers they're a reasonably priced dream come true, with layouts and many products that we are familiar with from our own countries and that little added zest of Spanish staples with a Mediterranean touch. If you're staying in a villa, they're a great place to do a 'big shop' of all your basics which you can supplement with some locally produced favourites from speciality shops and butchers close to where you are staying.


If you've ever fancied living in a smart villa with pool and BBQ area, relaxing the evenings away to the sizzle of a juicy steak with a nice bottle of red, they can work out extremely economical – particularly if you shop at Aldi or the other big supermarkets – between a group of people. Take a look at our villas page.