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Art Palma Brunch XI

Open doors and more in Palma's museums and galleries

Spring and autumn herald the opening and closing of the summer season in Mallorca and their highlights are two big annual art events. Every September, the Nit de l'Art takes place in the city, when the streets fill with people eager to browse the galleries, museums and shops which all stay open late for this special event.

In spring the association of contemporary art galleries organises a vernissage together with the public galleries and museums to show off their current and just-about-to-open exhibitions. Known as Art Palma Brunch, this the 11th year on the bounce that it's been held, and living up to its name, the venues will have wine and nibbles for visitors!

There are no less than 19 venues involved, all within easy strolling distance of each other in the city centre and old town streets. The association have produced a PDF programme of who's on where and how-to-get-there maps, though it will be easy enough to just follow the crowds.

art palma brunch

It's tremendously popular and features a vibrant programme of artist talks, gallery walks, live performances and video projections celebrating Palma's international art scene, in fact, something for everybody! I chose at random one of the works on display at the Pelaires gallery which I found totally intriguing – do you like it?

If you're in Mallorca, Art Palma Brunch takes place this Saturday morning 11th April from 11 to 14 and it's all completely FREE!