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Chinese Premier in Mallorca

Mandarin's party take over an entire hotel

Where do you stay when you're a top mandarin in the world's most populous country and you're on official visits with 120 of your assistants? Easy, you take over an entire hotel for everybody, preferably one owned by one of your countrymen, who also happens to be the world's richest man.

I'll elaborate. The Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang is currently visiting a whole raft of South American countries and has wads of cash available to invest in them - $50 BILLION in the case of Brazil and goodness knows how much in Peru, Colombia and Chile. On his way home, he'll be calling into Mallorca for a couple of nights, where the Chinese embassy in Spain have booked out the entire GPRO Valparaíso Palace hotel in the lovely Palma suburb of Bonanova.

Uncoincidentally, the hotel was bought a couple of years ago by the Chinese property group Wanda, headed by the world's richest man, Wang Jianlin, who has not long since bought 20% of Atletico Madrid! Obviously security will be exceptionally high during the stay on the 27th and 28th May, though some very high ranking ministers from the Spanish government will be visiting to talk business with the Chinese.

valparaiso hotel pool and facade

The Valparaiso is a five star hotel with lots of facilities; a spa, conference centre, lovely pool, highly regarded restaurants, and a wide choice of accommodation. I imagine that Li Keqiang will bag the Presidencial Suite with its classical decoration, 95 square metres of lounge, bedroom, two bathrooms, terraces and fabulous views. Surprisingly this only costs €700 a night at the moment and a double room is around €150, not bad at all for five star service!

If you fancy staying and walking in the footsteps of other famous past guests like Johnny Weissmuller, Henry Mancini, Peter Ustinov, Mohamed Ali and Michael Douglas, then there are suites and family suites which can accommodate up to six people (a combination of adults and children) which work out really economically.

You can see more details online by clicking this link - Valparaiso