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Free Wi-Fi at Palma Airport

Unlimited free Wi-Fi available at Palma airport from October

The Spanish airports authority, Aena, has decided to provide unlimited free Wi-Fi at all its 46 airports from October onwards. Currently, passengers can enjoy 30 minutes of free internet access before they start having to pay for the privilege, though it's not that long ago that this free period was only 15 minutes.

free wifi at palma airport

What could she be checking?

The decision comes at a time when internet use in the airports has shot through the roof in recent years, especially in the busy summer months when they are full of tourists.

Aena obviously realise just how important access to the internet is for all of us these days, and will also be increasing the velocity of the free service by fourfold and will have an even faster 'premium' service available for paying customers.

They also realise that more people will actually be able to use their own app giving all the details of flights, boarding times and gates, airport maps, parking, in fact everything you'll ever need to know in the airport apart from the price of 200 Rothmans. Just search aena on Google Play Store or Apple apps.

aena airport information app

The provision of the Wi-Fi service, currently run by Kubi, will go out to tender and it is projected that the successful company will be up and running by October this year.