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Mallorca Tapas: Ca'n Pintxo, Soller.

A buzzing bar with great food, art, and live events in downtown Soller

Soller's a great town. Fantastic scenery, some lovely hotels, interesting shops, a weekly market and of course its fascinating architecture make it really special. It has plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from but for me, there's one that really stands out from the crowd for its pure duende, spirit, joie de vivre, call it what you will, and that's Ca'n Pintxo in the centre of town.

can pintxo soller

Run by a group of young Mallorcans with passion for their own cuisine and local products, it's a social eaterie where it's fun to dine bistro style with a choice of pintxos, tapas, tablas and raciones, all ideal for sharing with your loved one or friends.

food at can pintxo

Described as 'pintxos with amor' the food's eminently snacky, enjoyable, fresh, stylish, design led, and mixes traditional Mallorcan dishes and products with modern fusion cuisine to produce some artistic masterpieces on small plates. It's like Mallorca meets Japan, China, Peru, and Cuba with local prawns, squid and vegetables in won-ton, with wasabi, spicy tomato sauces and hearty winter favourites like ox tail and Galician octopus.


Just as important for your evening's dining, the Ca'n Pintxo boys and girls have a great selection of wines, predominantly from the local Macia Batle bodega with some fine reds and whites and some of the finest beer in Mallorca, Sullerica, made just round the corner in Soller. Choose from ale flavoured with orange blossom, white beer, pale ale or porter for a thirst quenching experience on a hot afternoon or cool evening.

drink at can pintxo

Tempted? Me too, as it's more than just a bar, it's a 'gastronomic, cultural and artistic meeting point,' with ever changing displays of artwork, live music and special events like films, speeches and even dance lessons. Warm and inviting inside on winter weekends, there's also a lively terrace to spend time chatting, picking and sipping on summer nights.


If you're staying in Soller, or maybe on a day trip, head over to Ca'n Pintxo on Carrer de la Rectoría nº1 (Tel. 971 631 643) and give it a try. It's open at weekends in winter and every day in summer and for all the details you can click into their own website.