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New gastro-centre for Palma

An iconic building is to become a haven for gastronauts

A few months ago we told you of an ambitious proposal to convert Palma's old port buildings into a gastro-market where food fans could enjoy a variety of cuisine from lots of different eateries all under the same roof. Unfortunately the port authorities didn't look favourably on this (or any other proposal) for the change of use, so it will probably never happen.


The good news is that another gourmet centre will be opening this summer and workers have been on site for a while to prepare the new market. It will be at the s'Escorxador centre in the northern part of Palma in what was once the city's slaughterhouse. Now that might not sound very enticing, but let me tell you that the building was designed by the famous Mallorcan Architect Gaspar Bennàssar in 1905 and was at the time a prize winner in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts and is now a listed building because of its architectural merit.


The conversion of the building to a gastro-centre mirrors other developments throughout the big cities of Spain like San Miguel in Madrid and Colon (photo) in Valencia where iconic structures are now temples of cuisine. Palma's new market will be called Mercado San Juan and will have about 20 food stalls situated around a central area where diners can sit and eat whatever they choose.

mercado colon, valencia

The developers are spending over €2 million to convert an old 1300 square metre brewery building in the centre to an attraction for local people and tourists alike. As it's a little off the typical tourist track they'll be embarking on a publicity campaign and also organising lots of activities and entertainment to attract people to it.


All being well, it will open its doors to its first clients in June this year.