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No more bullfighting in Palma?

Over 120,000 people say NO!

It looks like the days are numbered for bullfighting in Palma. With a change in political complexion at the recent elections due to a massive swing to the left, it would seem that a campaign to ban bullfighting in Mallorca's capital will be a success.

anti bullfight protesters at palma bullring

Over 120,000 people have signed a petition organised by Mallorca Sin Sangre (Mallorca Without Blood) to put an end to 'the torture and killing of bulls for entertainment' and many of the now newly elected politicians had also promised to support the cause.

The coordinator of the campaign, Guillermo Amengual says that the new Palma council will ban the practise at its first official meeting in July and will be the biggest and most important council on the island to join the 17 existing 'no bullfight' authorities.

Many of these authorities' opposition to the practise has been symbolic as they have never had a single bullfight in the towns and these days Palma itself has very few, and the arena – the Coliseo Balear – is used more for concerts and sporting events these days.

It's a magnificent structure, built in 1929 by the architect Gaspar Bennazar, and holds just over 11,000 people seated around the circular ring. Its heyday for bullfighting was in the 70's (possibly due to the tourist boom?) when the likes of El Cordobés would stride about the ring, but latterly stars like Sting, Abba and Julio Iglesias have held the public's attention there.

If you are interested in the campaign to stop bullfighting, or indeed sign the petition, here's a link to the website.