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Mallorca Fire Alert

Carelessness really does cause unnecessary forest fires

With vast swathes of pine forest covering the island and the stifling heat of summer upon us, the conditions are just perfect for an act of carelessness to set the tinder dry wood aflame. Despite warnings in the press all this week about the potentially dangerous nature of the woodlands one of Mallorca's most famous landmarks was set on fire yesterday.

fire on sa porrassa, magaluf

The little island known as Sa Porrasa off the coast of Magaluf was ablaze in the late afternoon as a result of a visit by four tourists on a pedalo. The Magaluf 'Baywatch' safety team spotted smoke and flames leaping from the islet's pine trees at about 18:30 and immediately called the emergency 112 service.

Air and ground firefighters were immediately dispatched to Sa Porrassa to quell the fire with hoses and helicopters scooping giant buckets of seawater up and dousing the flames. The firefighters spotted the four lads in a pedalo hurrying back to Magaluf, where local police met them and immediately extracted a confession from one who had thrown a lighted cigarette away.

Despite the difficulty of access to the fire zone, the Ibanat team managed to control the fire but the island will still bear the scars of the fire for many years to come and may just remind people how easily these conflagrations can start by an act of carelessness or in this case, ignorance or stupidity.

Please be very, very careful whilst out and about in Mallorca's beautiful countryside at any time of year but particularly in the height of summer.

Our photo (sorry for the quality) comes from Twitter – click the link to see more.